The Dead Hour - Indie Horror Webseries created in Omaha, Nebraska


DJ Raven wants to know. She hosts The Dead Hour, a weekly radio program devoted to the shadows just beyond the streetlight's reach, the bumps you hear as you drift off to sleep, the nightmares that wake you up in a cold sweat. She brings these to you, one horrifying tale at a time.

The Dead Hour - Fright Fest" Now Playing Fright Festwebisode 1

“fright fest”

launch date: october 18, 2011

Frankie’s first date with Finch is a real snoozer. An all-night horror movie marathon is not her idea of fun. But when the horrors on the screen begin to cross into the real world, Finch may have to be her knight in shining armor after all.

The Dead Hour - Fame"Now Playing Famewebisode 2


launch date: November 1, 2011

If Cara’s big break doesn’t come soon, it’s back to a dead end job, dreaming of what might have been. Then she gets the phone call that changes her life — a job that guarantees her name will go down in history. How much is she willing to give for her fifteen minutes?

The Dead Hour - Backseat"Now Playing Backseatwebisode 3


launch date: November 15, 2011

After curfew on the backroads, Heather and Jason are getting to know each other better. Heather’s mother warned her that guys like Jason only want one thing — but it may be much, much more than Heather bargained for!

The Dead Hour - Inside Man"Now Playing Inside Manwebisode 4

“Inside Man”

launch date: November 29, 2011

Forced to move into a new home, agoraphobic Tony finds the security he once relied on no longer exists. When a ghostly visitor comes calling, will Tony face his fears of the outside world or confront the monstrous force residing in his home?

The Dead Hour - Gross Anatomy"Now Playing Gross Anatomywebisode 5

“Gross Anatomy”

launch date: February 28, 2012

Everyday in the hallowed halls of academia, young men and women devote themselves to the pursuit of knowledge. Tonight, the pursuers become the pursued. Will their book smarts save the day or will this prove to be their final exam?

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