The Dead Hour - Indie Horror Anthology Webseries created in Omaha, Nebraska

Get involved with the dead hour

Creators Daniel B. Iske and Scott Coleman developed The Dead Hour to be a body of work that could actively involve filmmakers and film lovers from anywhere around the globe. Utilizing social media, their goal is to garner a fan-base willing to become a part of the production of the show.

Writers & Filmmakers

The Dead Hour is continually looking for creative, ambitious writers and filmmakers of all experience levels to share in the project. Get involved by joining the crew, submitting ideas for a Dead Hour script, or contact the filmmakers about creating one of your own webisodes within The Dead Hour format.


Director Daniel B. Iske truly enjoys working with passionate actors of all experience levels. Contact the filmmakers about auditioning for future webisodes of The Dead Hour.


Supporting independent filmmaking is a fantastic way of giving back to the artistic community. Contact the filmmakers to learn more about how you can become a producer of The Dead Hour.