The Dead Hour - Indie Horror Anthology Webseries created in Omaha, Nebraska

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Big Daddy's Horror Reviews

Scream Horror Magazine

Horror News
“The Dead Hour is a welcomed addition to the horror anthology realm. Well written, well produced, and addictively entertaining, I'll be looking forward to the next season to watch whatever DJ Raven has in store for us.”

Fatally Yours

Rogue Cinema
“Every episode has great acting, an amazing story and will make you want more... and you'll mark this as a favorite to see where this great team takes us next!”

Camp Blood

Horror Movie News
An interview with Daniel B. Iske

The Witch's Hat
“Make sure you get in on this gem on the ground floor before somebody at some cable network somewhere gets smart, pays these guys and yanks it off the free-view 'net.”

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Killer Reviews

Best Horror Movies
“It's enjoyable, creepy and well made.”

Live For Films


An interview with Daniel B. Iske


Holly's Horrorland

The Pumpkin Press Review
“The Dead Hour is a well-produced, high quality production. The stories are rich and well told. The acting is polished. The camera work is excellent. If you aren't squeamish, you'll enjoy this show very much. Who am I kidding? I AM squeamish and I STILL enjoy this show.”

Hell Notes